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About Us

RX Systems Solutions strive to give pharmacies what they need. As true manufacturers we begin by planning only with the best of raw materials. We manufacture only with high quality raw materials in clean environments. We pay particular attention to hygiene conditions to guarantee that we achieve the best quality at consistent levels. The result is that you receive vials at highest possible quality levels directly from a manufacturer at a best possible value to increase the bottom line of your pharmacy. All this is done by giving you vials that come packaged together with lids for your ease of ordering, reduction of waste and inventory control. No more vials with missing caps…


Direct from Manufacturer No smearing Consistent Look and Feel UV additive
Easy Touch – no sharp edges Clean Consistent clear color Smooth cap function
Clear markings Clear USP 661 Free shipping
No minimums 24/7 Customer Service Online Live Help Line Custom printing


Our Philosophy

We pay particular attention to hygiene conditions to guarantee that we achieve the best quality at consistency possible. We understand that your concerns and problems are really our concerns and problems.

If we work seemlessly in the background and provide you with ontime product, help support and feedback then you can work trouble free and not even notice us supporting you in the background.

We strive not to be visible and still be there for you at all times. For all our customers we offer simple communication tools.

We are on email standby at all times around the clock. We have phone support live or you can simple leave a message and we will get right on it.

You also have the possibility to go on to the web and reach our live customer support person and they’ll be pleased to help you.

It is always best to try every possible means of communication, but you can always be sure that one email, voicemail, phone call will do the “trick” and we will be working on solving any issue should they arise.


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